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March 01 2014


Turn your old coins into Amazon gift cards with Coinstar

There are many who feel extra change in coins is nothing but a hassle to keep; they complain about not finding the right pouch or the mess these coins create in their bag; well what if there was a way through which you could convert your coins into gift cards; especially Amazon Gift Cards? As it turns out, this actually can happen with help of amazongiftcardhack.com

Let’s see what benefits you can enjoy with Amazon Gift Cards. The biggest benefit is that you get a chance to shop for free. These gift cards need to be redeemed so that their credit value can be transferred into currency that gets sent directly to your Amazon account. You can use these credits to shop on Amazon; the cost of each purchase will be deducted from your gift card credits.
How to convert the coins into gift cards?

You need only two things to turn all your coins into gift cards for Amazon; old coins and a coinstar machine.

Coinstar Machine

This is a wonder machine that is located throughout the United States in different locations. You can visit the page www.coinstar.com to find the location of a machine nearest you; otherwise you can easily find them in your local grocery store. Now there are two ways in which you can use Coinstar to convert your old coins; these are;
  • Coins to Cash
  • Coins to Cards
To convert your “jingle” into Amazon Gift Cards you obviously need to go for “Coins to Cards” program of the machine. The best thing about this feature of Coinstar is that you can carry out your conversion absolutely free; that is right! You will not be charge anything for this service. 

Now here is the process using which you can convert all your change into Amazon Gift Card and go on an online shopping spree.
  • Locate the machine and get your coins out
  • The screen on the machine will have a few options for you to choose from; these will ask you if you want to convert your coins into cash, e-certificate, charity donation, PayPal payment and gift cards. You have to select the “Gift Cards” option.
  • Once you select the “Gift Cards” option, the screen will show you a few options of gift cards from different brands. These options will include Amazon as well.
  • You have to select Amazon; remember you do not have to pay any fee for this; Amazon has already made the arrangement to pay the fee itself.
  • Once you have selected Amazon you need to hit “Continue” tab
  • Now comes the turn to deposit your coins; remember you need to have over $5 to make the deposit to Coinstar. After you deposit all your cash to Coinstar you have to hit “Done”.
  • You will then have to wait a few minutes so that Coinstar can count the amount you have inserted.
  • Now you will get another screen that will give you the option to either change or confirm your choice; this is where many people go for the wrong item. The image under Confirm reads “Amazon.com” whereas the image under Change reads “Cash Voucher”. Select “Amazon.com”, which means you will select the “e-certificate” option.
  • Now Coinstar will take a few moments to get connected to Amazon’s server. You will then get a receipt from the machine.
  • You have to use this receipt to use the code written on it; now go home and sign into your Amazon account and enjoy shopping.

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